Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Martha's colors

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We all know Martha Stewart knows a tad bit about home decor. And although she may have an army of minions and probably gets little done herself, she certainly has good taste.

Because of that, I was very inspired by this pin I found from Martha's site.

According to Martha, these are colors that:

1- Are neutral enough to be used with any other accent colors.
2- Great colors for people who are afraid of colors, as they are a first step out of the white and beige world.

I can visualize my living room with #4, a #9 kitchen, a lovely master bedroom with #5, and #12 is just so lovable I don't even know which room I'd pick to paint. Oh, and let's not forget #1, which I can see as a nursery for a boy or a girl, with the right accent colors!

I thought you all would like this decor hint. Specially my husband-hint hint! If you liked them, hop onto Martha's site for the details on each one.