Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Holiday recap

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I'm still in holiday mode with the blog. I went from being offline to now being in a week long training with the Canadian trainers that often come to pass on Curriculum info, which means I have to wake up extra early to commute into the city, which gives me little time for blogging. Therefore today I just want to do a simple post with my holiday recap.

My week off included lots of reading, cross stitching and quiet. My hubby actually surprised me by taking two days off work so I'd have him around for my bday (isn't him the sweetest?). I also had my mom around, which is always a plus. And although my nephew started off being really sick, thank God he got really better. But the real highlight of my week was Saturday, when I got pampered with a manny (such a simple, delightful way to please a girl!) and had a dinner at a veggie whole-wheat pizza place (sounds gross, but it's actually delicious!) with some of my closest friends for my birthday!

I felt like such a lucky girl!