Friday, July 27, 2012

Christmas in July- Part two!

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Christmas in July was on the 25th, and unfortunately I did not have a present then. But the wait was definetely worth it, because yesterday I came home to a gorgeous box! I was Oh!So excited!

I know I don't look that excited in this pic. But I was, and I did get more and more excited as I went through it! First of all, there was this awesome box. I love boxes. I have no idea of what I'll use this one for, but it's all cute and girly and fits quite a lot of stuff.

I would have been a happy camper if the box had been empty. Seriously. But oh, no, Kim went the extra mile here...the box was packed!

There was an owl bookmarker. I cannot begin to tell you how exciting that was. I love books, and therefore bookmarkers. And lately I've been having an owl thing. I am becoming obsessed with them, and  there is a story to explain.

A while back I saw an owl theme party on the web and totally freaked out. You see, in Portuguese (the language we speak in Brazil, yo) a devoted mother is not a mamma bear. She's a mamma owl (daddies, grandmas, ants and all the rest can be owls as well). Owls must make good mothers. Either that, or it's because of the lack of sleep they get at nightime. Anyway, I decided when I do get pregnant, I'll have an owl themed baby shower. (Note to friends, steal my idea and I will be forced to kill you). Since then, I've taken owls and God-sent signs to get busy and get pregnant.

Back to the box. This is a recycled note pad. As in made with recycled moose poop note pad. It also has pine needles and non-tree waste fibers such as hay, all those hippie friendly things that I dig. Of course it doesn't actually smell, I was being silly. I think it's an awesome idea, and totally the kind of thing I would expect to find at a tourist shop in Canada. Gotta love me some stereotypes.

A pen and another cute notepad (this one is lined, and apparently not made out of poop). I just want to take a minute to thank my husband for not giving me a head up about what my hair looked like when I walked in the door. He claims since I was making silly faces, that went with the look. Geez.


The pièce de resistance? Another freakin' owl! And seriously, the most gorgeous porcelain owl ever. She is named Princess Georgia, because she comes from Prince George in British Columbia. I'm sure you will see her around when I post pictures of my nursery, because it's design will revolve around her. LOVED her. And took it as a double-sign that I need to make me some babies.

Thank you so much to Kim for being so sweet. Our future babies will be Helena or Arthur, but I guess if we have twin girls, I'll have to convince my hubby to name the second girl Kim! I mentioned her blog on Wednesday, and if you didn't have the chance of check it out, do so now! You know you want to know more about such a cool and generous lady!