Friday, July 13, 2012

Dream Vacation destinations

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I don't know how I am managing to focus at work knowing I will have some time off really soon. However, since the blogsphere is unlike the real world, obviously I am in vay-cay mode already over here!

I've shared with you what I plan on watching and reading next week. Now let's think big and dream on. As in the 'You win the lottery and can go anywhere in the world' dream.

My top five dream vacation destinations

1. Walt Disney World Resort, Florida.

The Ohana Character Breakfast at Disney's Polinesean Resort

It is our (my husband and I's) most-favorist place on the world. Ok, I know that wasn't proper English, but that is how much we love Disney World. We love the familiar rides and parks, the story behind the magic, the fantastic customer service, and the new stuff we always find out. I think I could sell Mickey Mouse ice-creams by the Jungle Cruise all day and be perfectly happy. If I could throw some money at it, I'd go ahead and book the Disney Cruise as well!

2.  Portugal + United Kingdom + Italy

Algarve beaches in Portugal, Me in Windsor Castle in England and my baby at the Epcot Center Italy Pavillion.

I am all about family, and these three countries sum up my heritage and my husband's (on his dad's side). I'd love to go with Andre and walk through towns of our forefathers, get to taste a bit of our culture and share what we know with one another. I think trips like this should be mandatory to every couple!

3. Savannah, Georgia
The gorgeous marshes that I used to drive by daily.
Recognise it from the Little Gosh button?

Tears come to my eyes when I think of Savannah. I lived there for six years and still find it one of the prettiest places in the world. Yeah, it smells. Yeah, there are sketchy people and sketchy streets. Yeah, there is the humidity. But I just feel that I left a piece of my heart there, and all sorts of emotions come back up when we visit.

4. Egypt + Turkey +  Syria + Jordan + Israel

Ok, I know there are five countries in this one, but I have always been fascinated with the idea of visiting exotic places, and if I ever do go, I am making the most of it. Egypt is probably a place that everyone wants to go, even if it is just because of the pyramids. I'd love to see Hagia Sophia in Istambul, and it helps that I have a sweet friend who lives there and I'd love to visit. My mother-in-law's family comes from Syria and I'd love to get to see it. When I read Queen Noor's autobiography, I decided I should one day visit Jordan because her descriptions of Aqaba make it sound amazing, and there is the added bonus of Petra. And Israel is a place I'd probably see through blurry eyes from so much emotion of walking the Bible.

5. Canada

 I lived in the States for eight years and never thought about going up to Canada. All I knew about it was that there are lots of moose, beaver, there is Celine Dion, and people speak French and say lots of Eh. Sad, I know. My love for it started in our Honeymoon, when we went to the Oh Canada! show in Epcot Center and I cried at how beautiful the images were. Then I began working at a Canadian School and got to know a bit more of the culture. Now I got paired up with a Canadian blogger for a gift-exchange. It's all just so synchronicity.

What about you, if you could go anywhere, where would you choose?