Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July

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I saw some blog posts talking about present swaps and totally felt like the left out kid. I wanted in this magical blogging world in which people are friends and pair up to promote each other's blogs, have ad swaps, and apparently now, exchange presents.

So when I caught sight of the Christmas in July present swap in Every Day is a New Adventure, I barely waited for any sense, I just jumped at the sign up form. It said I would be paired up with someone by June 27th, and have to mail them something from 10 to 20 bucks by July 13th. Sounded good.

I actually only got an email on July 1st, so for a while I thought I was automatically out  (serves me right, being from Brazil and all). Because they couldn't find someone within my continent as promised, I was paired up with someone in CANADA. I was a bit upset, because when I went to the Post Office to check out how much shipping was going to set me back, I found out that the least a package to Canada would cost would be 22 dollars in shipping alone! And to be honest, I can't really throw around that kind of money right now, so if I were given a choice, I'd probably opt out. I just feel really bad for Kim, for being paired up with me!

Anyway, a promise is a promise, and I knew the honorable thing to do would be to work on my package right away. As Kim loves foxes, my husband gave me the brilliant idea of giving her a Cruzeiro fox, the mascot of a football team. Isn't he cute?

It turns out the mascot alone was the set price for the exchange. But that would be so boring! So I went around my house looking for things this lady might also like. Call me cheapo. I call myself frugal. It's fashionable these days. Ha!

I knew I had to add a book, because I think books make the best presents. Ever. So I looked through my pile of books which I have been meaning to donate, and picked a gem: Shanghai Sisters by Lisa See.

This book is so touching! It's about two sisters who go from being models in Shanghai to having to run away to America with barely anything to their names. I hope she likes novels.

I also wanted to add something for a good cause, so I send her a newspaper flower I once bought at an NGO event. It's not this one, but it kind of gives you an idea:

Actually, it looks nothing like this. Now she is just going to think I am a liar, and want this pretty one. But remember Kim, it was for a good cause!

And lastly, I decided to be funny. I added a tiny Christmas box, because you know, it's Christmas in July!

 I did enjoy getting the box ready, and am looking forward for my box. I also hope you'll hop onto Kim's blog Fox You (Very Much), to check it out!