Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why I choose to wake up earlier than I have to

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I read a post on Yes teacher that truly inspired me. The woman wakes up at 5.45 everyday, including weekends! That is just crazy! But craziness aside, I like the idea of having a set time to wake up (Monday to Friday only!) and being calm, cool and collected before rushing to the day’s madness.

Somethings you can only do early in the day. Ballooning is one of them.
I used to wake up at 5 am to go to work. It was insane. I had to go to bed by 9 and my husband was usually getting home around 8.30, which meant by the time he arrived I was cranky, hungry and in my flannel pjs. Sexy, I know.

Now, I technically have to get up at 7. I could push it and wake up at 7.15 if I wanted to, because I only leave my house at 7.45. Needless to say, the first couple of weeks on the new job meant sleeping until the last possible minute, until I realized I was often flustered in the morning.

So I made a deal with myself, waking up each day 15 minutes earlier than the previous. I started my routine with quick shower+ quick dress up +quick walk with the dogs+ frantic drive to work. Within the last week I increased my mornings in a whole hour. Now I have a nice shower, figure out what I want to dress, don’t rush my dogs, make and have breakfast (actually sitting down at the table, no more of that eating while leaning on the counter shenanigans).

There is only one thing that changed: I start my days happier. Calmer. At ease. And although I run like mad during school hours, I know it’s ok because I’ve had a nice calm morning to start the day.