Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Simplify Week 2

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Last week I was quite excited about Project Simplify, just because I knew I had to get in the groove. But now, I am thrilled. Let me explain: Hotspot #1 was the kids room, and while I think 100% of the kids rooms I’ve been in are in desperate need of purging, and I am happy for all the mommies out there, I am NOT a mother. Yet. So I had to make my own hotspot, which suited me, but felt a bit lame. I crave to fit in. We all do.

 This week we are tackling the kitchen, and I cannot wait. My kitchen is small and crammed. I am always complaining I need more Tupperware or a bigger counter space. But I also know I am guilty of hoarding useless stuff that I might use once a year. Not cool.

Although last week I was too in-deep with Project Simplicity and I had a big task which took literaly all my free time, I decided my daily posts wont all focus on that. That’d be a month of Project Simplify, and not even Tsh is doing that. So if you want to see my before and after kitchen, tune in on Friday.

Until then, I have two words for you: Go declutter. Ok, the second is not a real word. But you know what I mean. Free up some space, and free yourself from all that stuff. You know you want to!