Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PS Craft room day 1

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As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to start Project Simplify’s purging feast in my craft room. I actually gave it a lot of thought as to where in the room I should start. I wanted to make sure I could move things around and start getting rid of what made more sense first.

So it sounded just right to get started with the most cluttered cupboard in my house. Here are some before pictures:

As you can see, the drawers were cluttered, and I could barely open the bottom part. I actually had a hard time taking the first things out, since everything was so squished. Here is what I took out of this one cupboard to recycle and donate.

And here are the after shots of the cupboard.

See that brown spot on the right drawer? That’s actual free space!

Before you can complain that it’s still a bit crowded, here is the real accomplishment:

As you can see, most of the stuff was on my bookshelves. That means I have free space and my wheels are already turning to figure out what to do. More on that tomorrow!