Friday, March 23, 2012

Project Simplify closet

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This week’s hotspot for Project Simplify was the closet (and such, but that's about all I could tackle!). When move into our new house five months ago I went through all my clothes, sorting them. My first thought was that means I am done with the project.  But to be honest, I couldn’t post a picture of my closet here because I was so embarrassed.

You see, it’s not that I have too many clothes. I could actually use some more. But my closet is small. Really small. So it looks cramped, really cramped. Furthermore, I often take trips on the weekends to my mom’s and my in-laws. I’ve been doing it for years, and yet, every time, I pack a suitcase because I was always too afraid I’d want a pair of pants that was left at their house or something crazy like that. For this week’s project I decided to figure out which ones to pack and send away:

People say you need to try on every single piece of clothing you have in order to check it out, but I think that’s a bit too much. There are clothes I wear every single week, and I know they fit me.

As my closet is small, I figured the best way to work thought my clothes was putting everything on my bed, except the blouses and jackets that are on hangers:

I sorted through them sharing them into three places: the closet, apile for mom’s and a pile for the in-law’s. No one really needs five winter pjs at home anyway. Here is my new clutter-free closet:

I also went through my shoes:

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Kate said...

It looks fabulous! Great idea for sending clothes to your weekend much less stuff to haul back and forth!