Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY Project: Wallpaper and glass board

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I had seen some creative use of wallpaper on Pinterest lately, so I got inspired to make a to-do board with an old picture frame. I think it turned out quite cute! Here is a sideways shot, as the glare of the glass would not let me picture it up front:

First, I got rid of the old print I had on the frame, and my lovely hubby hung the frame where I wanted.

I cut the wallpaper to size:

Then I got the backing for it and lathered it with Wallpaper & Fabric glue.

Next, I glued the wallpaper down very carefully. This wallpaper is over ten years old and quite hard to keep unrolled, therefore I had no extra hands for pictures!

The glass went on top, and voila. I LOVE it. It added a pretty splash of color to this corner of the room. Now I just need to figure out how to make my magnet board prettier.

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Sarah B. said...

What a great project!! I totally want to do this now ;)