Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The beginning of a journey

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I share quite a lot about my current walk with Christ, but I noticed I haven't shared much about how I got to where I am. This week, I'd like to take you down that road. 

I was raised in a home with no defined religion. There were eventual mentions of God, but never an ' explanation'. The way my parents saw it, we should each choose what to believe, and we should all accept what people decide.

Living in Brazil can be a bit weird when it comes to beliefs. Brazil is technically a Catholic country, so we don't work during our patron saint days and have nationwide parties for some other saint folks. The largest church outside of the Vatican is here. We name cities after those people. It's a big part of the culture.

And yet, it's a mix with everything else. Some people call themselves Catholic but check their star sign. Some join African traditions. It's all a big mess. I don't say that in a judgmental way, it was just all odd for me.

On top of that, I attended Catholic school. Not because I am catholic (because I never was), but because it is a good school. It is also a very politically correct school, if there is such a thing for religious schools. I was never forced to read, learn or accept anything. I left after 13 years with a very limited image of Christ and a fuzzy look at the Bible. I had teachers in high-school who were clearly anti-Christians. My whole Catholic school experience really left me thinking they tend to do a disservice to Christianity. 

It all left me quite confused...

Check back tomorrow for part 2.