Thursday, December 6, 2012

Date night!

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Andre and I have had some attempts of instituting a date night, but they usually ran aground after a couple of weeks. We'd have work, or a family member would invite us for dinner, or we would be plain tired. 

After our retreat, we tried to set a date night once again, and yesterday was the first one! He left it up to me, and I took him to a juicy burguer, which he loves.

Before deciding where to go, I did my homework. I was quite impressed that this seems to be a hot topic online, specially the cheap date ideas. Score! Here are my favorites:

Play putt-putt golf ♥ Cook together ♥ Walk the doggies ♥ Do a DYI project together ♥ Volunteer ♥ Have a board game night ♥ Watch Disney ' Behind the Park' Dvds ♥ Garden ♥ Find a new restaurant ♥ Drive around ♥ Visit an art gallery ♥

What about you, do you have a good idea for an inexpensive date night?