Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Going back

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This is part 6 of my spiritual journey. Start here

On September 2006 I sent a quick message to a childhood friend wishing him happy birthday. He replied immediately and we began catching up. The next day we spend hours online, talking about everything. Three days later I called him up, and we have spoken every day since that one.

He is now my husband, and I knew he was the one, even back then. He knew too. 

He loves the US and we began talking, dreaming and planning about him going over to Atlanta. People kept telling me to keep it real, except for my mom, who kept telling me to go for it. We pretended we were taking it slow, but we really already knew this was it.

During a sermon at Victory, Pastor Dennis started talking about the difference of doing what we ought to and what we want to. The more he talked, the more I cried. God was moving in me, showing me a truth I did not want to accept.

Go back. 

I looked at my mom through blurred eyes and all she said was we'll find a way to get you back to Brazil. She is the greatest

So I went back for Christmas break. Officially, it was to "see if things would work out with Andre". Trully, I had a deal with God. If he opened a door, a job, I'd go back. Not only did he open up a job, but the internship I had in Norcross was supposed to turn into a job in the next term, and all of a sudden it did not. I got the message, and prepared to move back for good.

Come back tomorrow for part 7!