Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Updated date book

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A while ago, the only way people had of making notes on special dates was using a day planner. I remember how fond I was of getting a new day planner and patiently sitting down to transfer all birthdays, special occasions and contact information with my best handwriting.
Diary by Abbi Meadows, from Z as in Zebra

Thanks to technology, nowadays things are much easier. You may use your computer’s Outlook to mark all this info, or even free online based programs, such as Google Calendar. What I love most about it is that we can choose to set it as a one-time event, weekly, monthly or annually, which means no more having to write your bdays somewhere every year.  
Here are some ideas to add to your calendar that go beyond birthdays, and can help you around the house:
-Doctor’s appointments, and when you have to return.
-Vet’s appointments and other pet info, such as when flea medication needs to be administered again.
-seasonal information about your house, such as mattress turning, toothbrush expiration dates and information about when you last did something specific, such as when you last cleaned your gutter.
-other seasonal information, such as deadlines for car insurance, school registration and traveling schedules.
Do you have any hints about keeping a calendar on track, or are you often remembering expired items?

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Ang Lam said...

very cute date book ;)