Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things I love

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I noticed a couple of blogs that post a weekly ‘things I love Thursdays’ and thought it would be a nice inspiration  for this week, especially because today is a holiday in Brazil, so I am outside with the 3-dimensional people.

Something I love to do
Some super church fun at Free Chapel circa 2006.

Go to church. Honestly. I know it’s not usually a top ten thing for people, even some that choose to go, but I just love it. I (almost) always come out feeling renewed and grounded.

Something I love to eat
Cheese. Along with bread, cheese is one of my pitfalls. I don’t even care what kind of cheese it is, I’ll have it.
Somewhere I love to be

Disney world. Yes, I am as mature as a five-year-old on this one. I’d take an annual Disney World trip over a year long trip around the world anyday.
Something I love to read

Tough one, since I love books in general. One of my all-time favorites is Nicholas Sparks. Yes, I am a girl, I cried through half of Dear John and wanted to hit Savannah on the back of her head for threatening to leave the obvious love of her life.
Something I love to watch

I love series, but I hate the waiting in between weeks and (God forbid) between seasons. So give me the complete season box set of anything, any time. My current obsession is House MD.  

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Angie said...

I have yet to read something from Nicholas Sparks! I should get on that!