Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New shoes (kinda)

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About six months ago I bought myself an extremely comfy pair of shoes for about $10. They are gorgeous, minus the hiddeous bow they had on, which I promptly yanked out.

The thing is, I was left with shoes with tiny holes on them and no idea of what to do. After a couple of months at the back of my closet, I remembered I have a box filled with all sorts of fancy tapes, which I keep from gifts I get (frugal much?).

My favorite were actually the red and white with snow flakes, but I would definetely look as Santa's little helper, so I only have the guts to break them out around Thanksgiving. In the mean time, I found these very girly pink ones, which I have been wearing proudly every where I go.

The bows aren't the nicest, and I must say, I never imagined it would be sooo hard to get them to not be lopsided (obviously I failed some kind of shoe lacing test back in Middle School).

Any hints on how I can transform shoes? I loved the concept of making something prettier and more like me!