Friday, June 8, 2012

New look and Ad Swap Opportunity

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I love the idea of blogging. I love the idea of working from home when I become a full time mom in a couple of years much more. So, when I started blogging, I began in Portuguese, so that I could network around Brazil.

Casa, Comida e Alma Lavada (which is a play on words for the house-food-laundry set that most people want) actually soared more than I could have expected. Although I kept investing in Oh My Gosh!, it seem the fruits I was reaping were in the Brazilian blog.

The thing is, I was starting to have a translated blog. It wasn't authentic, and it meant nothing to the Brazilian peeps. I'd post on Tickle Me Tuesdays, Five Minute Mondays, and review a bunch of ebooks that have not yet been released in Portuguese. In short, I was not giving it all I could.
So from now on the two blogs will no longer merge. That one will remain focused on all house-wifey things, while this one will continue with much of the freedom it has had in the past. It seemed appropriate to change the look and name at this point, which I had been meaning to do anyway. Both the new look and name are based on some feedback I got over at the Better Blogger Network. I love it how it can 'breathe' much better. Simple is always good for me.

Last, but not leat, I'd like to offer the readers of Little Gosh the option of Ad Swaps. I am utterly against pop-up ads 'lose belly fat first' ads and refuse to visually pollute something so dear to me. When I get to be a blogging queen I might be able to charge, but right now, ads will go on free of charge, first come first serve (meaning higher up on the blog as well). 150x150 size only please. Holler if you are interested!