Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

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Today my husband and I celebrate our two year anniversary! Yay!

We studied in the same elementary school, so I have actually known him for about twenty-five years. We have been together for nearly six, and living together for four. And yet, we still hate being apart for one night. I hope that never changes.

It's a fact. I don't thank my husband enough for the amazing person that he is, and all he does for me. I don't do it privately, and I certainly don't do it publicly. So today, this post is simply to thank him for everything, everyday. My life would be much less fun without him.

If you don't have anyone who's ever swepped you off your feet, I honestly pray you will. My husband far surpasses all my dreams of what a man could be, in and out of a relationship. And if you ever believed those fairy tale stories about unconditional love and had people tell you it's baloney, trust me, it's not. They just say that because they haven't found it yet. Keep looking.

Happy anniversary gorgeous! I love you!

~Your little gosh