Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend links

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We have (yet another) long weekend. That's something I love about Brazil, the long weekend that allow for rest, stillness and the assurance of God's providence. 

If you haven't yet, read my Baby steps miniseries. It started on Tuesday, and I still have somethings to say.

Tiny Twig published a guest post about making lists. I am totally guilty about this and totally needed someone to tell it like it is and make me realize how totally unhealthy this is. Like, totally. And by the way, if you like the post, check out the author's blog. 

Pete Wilson wrote a short but great post for the microwave generation in all of us. I am guilty of trying this!

Angie Smith is teaching her nine year old about God's love. What a wonderful lesson!

And I read about Tope Koleoso, which brought me goose bumps. Go read the incredible story of this bold man of God!