Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby steps - Part 5

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Sorry for breaking the groove on story telling yesterday, but I think it was worth it. This is how my Baby steps story ends. Click here to read it from the beginning.

We took the dog to the vet. I named him Tiago, which means James in Portuguese, because that was one of the books we had just looked at during Bible Study. Tiago seemed fine and genuinely thankful as the vet clipped his long hair and got gross bugs out of him. She gave him medicine and flea stuff. The next day the lady who bathes and grooms dogs worked, so he was scheduled for some pampering time and loved it. He had an X-ray of his leg and some blood work done due to the amount of ticks he had, and all results were fine. 

The vet was so impressed with the story that she charged us a fraction of what it should have cost. His stay at the vet overnight alone was a mere US$8 plus bringing his own food, when it should have been US$20. I'm pretty sure that won't even cover his water, light and care cost. God is good.  

After his results were ready, we took him home, which was a big mistake. One dog, Jack, loved him. Delta and Indy? Not so much. Tiago has a bite on his neck to prove Indy's low regards for him, so he is up for adoption. The vet took him again and we have been visiting him and walking him. Once all the medication he is taking is done, we'll give him his shots and get him neutered, hopefully between today and tomorrow. Then he'll be able to go to a lovely home.

And by the way, my hand is fine. I am in the process of taking 5 anti-rabies shots (three down, two to go!), got medication for the pain, and will survive to rescue more dogs (being wiser, from now on). In a way, I kind of hope that this bite leaves a scar. A scar to remind me of what happens when I ignore my husband. What happens when I try to take matters into my own hands. What happens when I try to rush. And how although I may mess it all up, God's grace makes sure I end well.