Monday, November 26, 2012

Dressed to impress

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This is what I wore for Thanksgiving:

Horrible Iphone picture, I know.
That's my mom and I making 'Puff-a-bellies'
(aka Yorkshire Puddings) for our Thanksgiving feast.

Say what? A What I wore post is so out of character here. I know. It is. So hear me out.
I've always considered myself the ugly duckling of the family (and social circles) when it comes to putting oneself together. I don't own any high heels. I don't really know how to put on fancy makeup. I don't feel comfortable in short skirts. My wardrobe consist of Old Navy, Target and Walmart, and could be mistaken for an 18 year old's closet. 

In my mind, I am up against skinny, glamorous friends and family members who have perfect hair-dos and flawless looking styling that costs more than half my wardrobe and involves way much more time than I am willing to spend in front of the mirror. The result is they look better put together for a barbecue than I do for a wedding. 

Now that I am married, I know why I am this way. I am perfect for my husband. He is all about comfort, and each time I dress up a bit better I can see he feels awkward. He usually decides to change into something nicer when that happens. You may think great, you'll dress up better and he'll dress up better, and you'll be a stylish couple someday. But that's not how things work. That's not me, and that's not him.

So after the third try for a Thanksgiving outfit, I decided to ask myself what would Andre like me to wear? And I immediately knew the answer: my Green Bay Packers shirt, which was a present from him and he comments on every single time I wear it. 

Instantly, I recalled several different conversations with some girl friends. One who mentioned she dressed up to impress other men, so her husband would look good somehow. One who admitted to dressing up to compete with the other women in the room. One who proudly stated that her trademark shoes were so often worn because her husband hated them. Thinking about all of this made me quite sad.

As a wife, I believe I need to ask myself: whose attention do I want to draw with my clothes? Who do I want to dress to impress? What and who am I wearing this for? And as a Christian wife, I believe there is only one answer: I dress to impress, to please and to seduce my husband, and only my husband, for the glory of God. 

(And thank the Lord he loves to see me in comfy jeans and t-shirts more than he does in short dresses and high heels)