Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby steps - Part 3

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This week I've been telling a story, this is part three. Click here to read part one, and here to read part two. 

Fast forward a couple of days, it's Sunday. My husband and I left Bible school talking about what we learned that day. I asked if it would be ok for us to have leftovers, he wanted to go to the grocery store to get some stuff to grill.

We have been conservative about spending lately, so we got a few things, but we did splurge on some sausages and ice cream. As we drove back home, the heat was really something. Our non-air-conditioned car felt stifling. We thanked God for having a car. 

Later I found out my husband quietly asked for God to allow him to do a good deed in His name. As we turned a corner, we saw a man in the middle of the road, slowing cars down. In front of him was a dog who seemed quite disoriented.

I was shocked to see that clearly something was wrong, and yet no one was stopping. As I drove by him, I asked if he wanted help. I was actually surprised when he said yes. We drove until a safe spot and pulled over, and my husband went to help.

Within 30 seconds of waiting in the car, three men came up to me. Their van had broken down and they needed a ride to the nearest town. The opposite way. I must have looked dumb-struck as I processed they were actually asking me to turn around to take them the other way. And without even thinking about it, I said yes.

My husband stayed with the man and the dog, who turns out had been hit by a car and was dehydrated. I watched as three strange men pilled into my car, thinking about how God works in us in baby steps.

One of them was a Christian, who kept telling his friends only God would take care of His children like that. All I had to do was agree. 

(to be continued)