Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jack meets his match

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I have two rescued dogs, Jack and Delta. Delta is a dream dog: quiet, sweet, and no trouble at all, as long as there are no fireworks or thunderstorms around. Jack, on the other hand, is quite the hyper active won't stop barking at the neighbor's cat will eat anything you leave out dog. Bless his heart.

We actually had to buy Jack a pit-bull looking leash, as he had destroyed two regular ones that held him by his chest. The first one was during an encounter with a neighborhood cat, and the second one chasing a dog who lives in our subdivision. I often want to die of shame when we go for walks.

Last week, however, Jack met his match. It wasn't an angry cat or a big dog, but a clothes hamper. Case in point:

Since it's winter in Brazil, and it was quite cold last week, I left the doggies on the ground floor of my house (they are usually kept in the kitchen and backyard). I was sure they would spend the entire day napping on the couch, but I came home to that.

It actually broke my heart, and Jack was such a trooper. I can't help thinking how long was he stuck there, but I am assuming not long because there was no pee or poo anywhere.

The hardest part was keeping him calm and still, as we cut through the fibers to release him. I don't think I ever got so mad at something that was well crafted before. Here is what my hamper looks like post Jack:

All ended well, and Jack got spoiled with lots of treats and a night in bed.


Katrin said...

Oh, poor Jack! So glad he is fine. Your dogs are adorable!

Angie said...

I'm sorry, I have to laugh at that picture! haha, your dogs are adorable.


Angie said...

I am following you back now, btw :D

Julie Anne Jordão said...