Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to blogging

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It has been a full one hundred and twenty eight days since I last logged on this little blog. It was an unexpected, yet much needed sabbatical from sharing my feelings with the web. Circumstances in my life and the utter feeling of being overwhelmed made it too much to rationalize this therapy into existence. 

I could feel it coming. Having a whole Instamonth was a clue as to which I was denying all along: my reluctance to be completely open and honest, my fear of laying my heart out in the open. I was going through a turmoil and was concerned that my testimony might be less God honoring than gossip focusing. So I did what I do best when I feel inadequate, I kept my mouth shut.

But little by little this love has been rekindled in my heart in the last six months. I catch myself going back to blogs I loved and had given up on. I stop to ponder what a great discovery I just made while washing the dishes, only to find it wasteful not to be able to share it. I think of phrases out loud while driving, wondering what kind of blog post it would eventually turn into.

So I return, once again. For now, at least.