Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's on your podcast?

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I have a new (seemly healthy) obsession. I am addicted to podcasts. 

I was already super excited when I discovered them back in the Ipod age. I used to take my Ipod to the gym and listen to worship songs when working out, which quite honestly is the only way I can take any enjoyment out of working out. 

This year I got my first Iphone and was impressed with all the things I could do. When I found out I could dowstream podcasts, I was thrilled. Now I carry my phone in my apron pocket when doing chores around the house, plug it onto my car sound system and use headphones if I am stuck on a waiting room. All the while, listening to services! How cool is that?

My favorite choices so far are John Piper, Joel Osteen and Victory World Church. Do you have any good podcasts to suggest?