Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taking a sick day from work

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I saw it coming. I started feeling achy and restless. My throat started closing in and my breathing getting shorter. My head got to the point of constant sinus pain and pressure. And yet, all I wanted was to make it to the weekend. We have 3 days off work for carnival next week, and I just wanted to get through our first week of school being ok.

I absolutely hate missing work. I look down at people who ask for time off, specially working in a school. I've worked at places that gave us 14 weeks (not kidding, weeks) off work a year, and every so often, someone would ask to come in late for some medical exams, or for getting a passport made. All I could think was get your life together, and start planning ahead!

By late afternoon yesterday I had been running around and feeling all sticky and sweaty - yet another joy about working with preschoolers and kindergarten kids. I was feeling so gross I didn't realise that the weather had taken a toll for the worst and people around me were wearing sweaters.

On my ride home I could already feel the ache in my throat, the sinus pressure, and the knot of my stomach at the thought of missing work. How could they possibly survive a day without me?

By 5am I realised I could not possibly wake up and go to work. Not only was I feeling horrible, I wasn't about to spread whatever I had to my staff and children. The guilt went on.

By 10 I was considering taking a shower and dragging myself to work. I was not better, the fever raged on, but it just consumed me. The guilt.

When my fever went down around 2pm, I considered making the trip one last time. Until I felt God speak.


When I was truly able to rest, no wonder I got much better