Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One step at a time

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For me, waiting on confirmations is hard. I could totally live with a coin toss decision for everything. God, if you want me to do this, it will be heads. If I should not get involved, tails. 

But life is not like that. And I am very thankful that Jesus is so gracious with me, taking me one baby step at a time.

I've had some things happened that needed my choice, intention, and God's confirmation. It took patience, it took tears, it took some a lot of whining on my spoiled part. But it came, and that was that.

Last week was a busy one, with a lot of life-changing moments. I was pushed against the wall and had choices to make, and sides to choose. So I prayed, and God lead me to three possible scenarios. I even wrote them down.

If scenario A happens, this is what I do.
If scenario B happens, I will do this other thing.
If scenario C happens, I will take that other stand.

On Sunday scenario A came. On Tuesday scenario B. And on Thursday, scenario C.

Now what?

I must admit that my first impulse was to think God is giving me the choice. Let me think about what I want. 

Until God prompted me to think it through. Really?

When I accepted that God does have a plan, which is better and perfect, and it's coming through, something unbelievable happened. A fourth situation presented itself. 

Now I know I am just not ready yet to see the whole picture. Which is ok with me. We'll go one step at a time.