Monday, February 25, 2013

Running on empty

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There are times in which I am ready to throw in the towel. I am done, I learned my lesson, let's move on.  But it turns out that God's timing is not like mine. Not at all....

So as I sit and pray and go about my day with a mentality that is just waiting for deliverance, it's easy to overlook God's sustaining love. 

I could rationalize that I want this for His Glory. To spend more time in His Word. To connect to sister bloggers around the world. To focus on His praise. And I honestly have plans for all that, as soon as I get a bit more of downtime, I'll increase my God-time. I'll focus more on my husband. I'll take better care of my house. I'd do all these things, if only I had more time.

But it turns out I don't need more time. I need a shift in perspective. I need to be made aware of what I truly need:

His grace is enough.

When I am reminded of that, like Paul, I get a second wind. I can iron clothes on a Sunday morning. I can find time for God during my lunch hour. I can prepare a slow cooked meal for my husband even though it means I need to get up extra early. I learn again what it is to serve wholeheartedly.

Except for the gym. That grace I am still struggling with....but I guess that makes me human.