Thursday, February 28, 2013


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My husband gifted me with an Iphone this month. I must admit, I wasn't very fond of it and saw no use for it. A couple of weeks later, I cannot believe how I've lived without a smartphone for 31 years. 

I literally only sit at the computer to write in this little blog. Everything else I do through that neat little thingamagiga. Check emails, read Bible plans, connect on facebook, send messages to my friends, read's all so...easy.

But one of the highlights has been accessing instagram. I simply love it. Maybe it is the photo major in me. Maybe bad grammar drives me away from facebook too often. Maybe I'm just a firm believer of an image really being worth more than a thousand words.

So I decided to spend the month of March posting instagram images with a Psalm reference for each day. First of all, because  I believe I need to get a break from writing. This blog is a form of therapy and I feel like I've been spilling so many beans lately and thinking faster than I type, that I really just need to process some things. And give it some time. Accept God's timing. Stop pushing it. 

Secondly, because I just really like instagram and want to enjoy it. That's all. Join me tomorrow, won't ya?