Wednesday, February 29, 2012

12 things to do in 2012

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I saw this post on Little Lucy Lu that got my attention. I am a list-maker and love the concept of checking things of as I go- nothing like that feeling of ‘Oh, yeah! I DID IT!’.

I really liked the list, but I know myself, and giving myself years to finish it off means it just won’t get done. Procrastinators Anonymous, that’s me. So I decided to make a list for this year.
Yeah, we’re two months in it already, but it ok because:
A- I only thought of it now,
B- I live in Brazil and everyone says our year only starts after Carnival(which means after Ash Wednesday!) and
C- who cares, as long as it motivates me, it should be all good and
D- Today is February 29th! And as much as I would rather spend my extra 2012 day at Walt Disney World Resort, I do have to work, so I can at least have fun list-making fun!
So without much further a-do, here is my list of 12 things to tackle in 2012. As you can see, it's an ongoing project, and I have indeed been thinking about it for a while!
1- Deepen my relationship with Christ
2- Lose weight
3- Paint and do some at least five DYI projects around my house
4- Improve my cooking
5- Learn to sew
6- Get my Education specialist degree (almost there!)
7- Submit my writing for a blog as a guest blogger
8- Cut off animal products
9- Set a workout routine- and stick to it!
10- Take more pictures (of pretty much everything)
11- Volunteer somewhere
12- Learn to manage save money
No, there is no ‘scuba-diving in Maui’, we are going for realistic things. No OCD-detail-oriented goals as well. Losing weight means closing the year with less than I weight today, and I refuse to feel bad if I don’t reach a number. Life is not about numbers.
To make sure I get on it, I am leaving this post onto a page, so it will literally haunt me every time I open my blog. You know the saying, away from the eyes...

What about you, do you have any goals set for the near future?