Thursday, February 23, 2012

Five items that make my life easier

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We all have very handy items around the house, and it would be impossible to truly narrow down to five things we can’t live without, unless we go over the basic clichés for human survival.
However, there are some staples of home keeping and basic girly stuff that change our lives for the better. Here are some of my life and time savers, which I would have a hard time parting with.

In the kitchen: Jar opener

Gone are the days in which I had to ask my husband to open stuff for me. And it does not hurt that mine is a Mickey inspired one, since I am a huge Disney fan!

In the bathroom: make-up mirror

I don’t often doll myself up (I’m a teacher, and therefore very low key when it comes to prepping for work!), so this was an impulse buy I thought I wouldn’t use that much. Not only do I often use it for make-up, checking my skin, tweezing and the sort, but I’ve seen my husband staring at his zoomed in face!

On the hallway: clothes hamper

Brazilian homes usually have a laundry room next to the kitchen, or in the backyard. It makes me long for my house in Roswell, Georgia, where I had my washer and dryer right next to the top of the stairs. These days, I literally have to up and down with piles of dirty and newly washed clothes, and with a clothes hamper right next to my stairs, I only have to make the trips a couple of times a week, instead of a couple of times a day.

In the living room: hold all for keys and mail

We used to have an end table where we kep all our stuff, until my dog decided to methodically chew through my husband’s Formula 1 prized tickets. Overnight, all our stuff ended up on the kitchen counter, which made me cringe. Good thing my brother and sister-in-law gave us this hold all for Christmas: no more scattered stuff and frantic searching for keys!

Everywhere: Kindle

My bookshelf and bedside table (top and drawer!) were often crammed with books. You see, I cannot read one  book at a time. I read the bible, and keep a journal. I always read a Christian book and nowadays a veggie one as well. There is usually an educational book for work, and also a lighthearted chick-lit for my unwinding time. I remember I used to see piles of books my mom was constantly reading and tell myself there was no way she could read them at once. Now I understand that depending on my mood, I need something to relax, not to learn about vitamin B12 alternatives.

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Debbie said...

I knew you'd come around & understand my book-rading-mania !!