Monday, February 27, 2012

No pain, no gain

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A couple of days ago I had the.worst.headache.ever. It was so bad, I am convinced it was a migrane. I’ve had my share of headaches and sinus aches before (so much I went through surgery to get my deviated septum fixed), but never- never- had I had such pain before.

It started with a small headache. After about an hour, it was clear it was a sinus problem because my right eye was throbbing. In about three hours’ time, I was in bed, in the dark and quiet, agonizing with pain. My husband came and tried to comfort my spirit and my body, but there was nothing he could do to make me feel better.
And that’s when I saw the light. Not literally. I can’t claim a ‘Paul on the road to Damascus’ experience. But I was forced to see what was right in front of me: God’s provisions.

First, I realized that the pain only got to an unmanageable point when I was already home. I did not have to go through traffic on the interstate with tears in my eyes. My husband decided to take only 30 minutes of lunch, just for the sake of it, so he arrived home half an hour earlier. When I needed him the most. I had pasta in the fridge from the day before, something I never have, but it ensured us no need for cooking. And even for my husband’s sake, there was a game on, so he could be distracted since I went to bed so early.
I woke up the next morning still not 100%. The throbbing was gone. The excruciating pain was gone. But the headache was still there. Which means I was in a bad mood already. When I went down to the kitchen, I decided to cut myself a slice of melon for breakfast. And that is when the big knife and my finger became one. I immediately got scared, not knowing how deep it was. And that is when I prayed for God to change my attitude around. When I praised him because the horrible pain was gone, and this incy wincy headache would not stop me today.
Needless to say, I immediately felt his presence, and knew everything would be ok. And it is. So I have a headache. So I have a band-aid on my finger. But I also have a story about how God used my pain to bring me a little bit closer.