Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A change would do me good

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When I was growing up, my mamma used to say I had ants in my pants when it came to house décor. Since a young age, I would lock myself in my bedroom and literally drag my furniture around until I saw fit. Some twenty years later, I married a man who is very similar to that. That means that my living room, for example, is on it’s third layout in five months. But, like our friend Martha would say, I believe that that’s a good thing.

Moving things around does not mean we can’t commit. Does not mean we are never satisfied. Does not means I have ants in my pants. It means my husband and I are always thinking of how to improve something. And this weekend, I think that is what we did to our living room. A big improvement.
Here are some before pictures.

I had three main problems with our living room the way it was:
1-      The entire focal point of the room was the TV. Works well for the hubby, not so well for me.

2-     There was nothing by the door for wallets and phones. Keys and such go to our hold all, but my husband’s stuff ended up on top of the dvd. Which made me *cringe*.

3-     The dining room was too tight. And since we started using the laptops there, it was even more cluttered when we had a meal, because the chair next to the table became a pile of castaway stuff.

      Here is what my living room looks like now:

As you can see, all three problems were solved.
There is a chair opposite the couch, which encourages chit-chat.
There is a table by the door for wallets and for laptops.
And much needed dining room space.
And I love it because of all that.
I can’t guarantee how long it will stay this way.
But for now, it’s a good thing indeed Mrs. Martha!


☆☆Mumsy said...

I'm the same way, moving things around in my house every few months! It's just a different perspective I suppose that I see...

Heather said...

I constantly move my furniture around. We have a large house with more rooms than I know what to do with. So I frequently move our living room furniture from one room to another. I get bored easily though, and plus it gives me an excuse to really get a good cleaning in :-)