Monday, February 20, 2012

Book review: Organized Simplicity

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Organized Simplicity, by Tsh Oxenreider 
It seems fitting that my first post in my English blog would be about Tsh’s book. Her blog Simple Mom is one of the reasons why I fell in love with the blogging world! I actually stumbled upon it during last year’s Project Simplify. I loved the idea of purging for the sake of organizing. I had always purged while organizing, but never with the intention of getting rid of stuff- it would simply happen.
I digress. Anyway, I heard she had a book out and made it my first kindle book purchase. She was actually giving it away for free, but as I live in Brazil, I couldn’t grab it. I was a bit hesitant in paying for it, since I am pretty organized, as I figured it would be 99% of common sense.
Boy, was I wrong. First of all, the focus of this book, in my opinion, is not the organizing itself. It’s about how much clutter we surround ourselves with, and how much better our lives can be with less. She talks about all types of excess: stuff, spending, and too many commitments.
I have always considered myself a bit of a frugal person. It took me a good four years to convince myself that an Ipod or a Kindle would be a good purchase. I own less than five purses and less than fifteen shoes. I have three pairs of jeans. All in all, I figured I have much less stuff than most of my girlfriends.
Until I ready Tsh’s book. I didn’t feel guilty, but as she went on, I couldn’t help but thinking about the stuff I have and never wear. Never use. Never remember. And it’s all there, taking up space in my tiny home.  Now that’s what I call a mind-blowing-life-altering book.
On March 5th, this year’s Project Simplify kicks off. And I can’t wait. I have been thinking about some items non-stop, and even considered starting ahead of the game. But I figured I better not. I still need some time to digest everything. I’ll spend the next two weeks paying attention to my things, and making mental notes of what I really use. That way, I’ll be sure to have some happy-no-guilt-involved purging.