Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Box love

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When I was younger my mom gave me a nickname based on how much I love boxes. I’ve always been na organization freak and all sorts of containers have always been at the top of my Ohh-ahh list.

This is a perfect sewing kit, and it fits everything from my regular emergency sewing kit to my cross stitching material.
This is probably the most gorgeous one I have. One of my best friends gave me some Christmas presents in this box because she knew how much I’d love it and keep it. In it, I keep all my stationery.

These two I got from a purchase at a store, and they are great for keeping ribbon and stamps.

This clear plastic one is perfect for my art material. And since it is see-through, I get inspired to use its materials more often.

Flat and wide, perfect for scrapbooking material.

This one used to keep Christmas ornaments, but it is so cute, it had to be upgraded. Now I keep small games like cards, dominoes and the such.

This came from my nephew’s baby shower, full of M&M’s. Nowadays, I keep hair clips in it.

This one I made for my bridal shower, and nowadays it keeps all my hair bands.

This one my godmother brought me from Morroco. I find it so pretty, its on permanent display.

Everytime I get a new present I check out the box, and if its pretty, I don’t think twice. How about you ? Do you have any cute boxes around the house?