Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 2013

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Well, hello there!

I hope you had a wonderful end of the year, complete with an awesome New Year's Eve. I was blessed enough to spend my Christmas dinner at a Denny's (where else would be open at 1am after landing in Orlando?) and my New Year's Eve in Epcot, which was a tad bit crazy, but memorable nonetheless. 

I am not yet ready to go back to blogging full swing, but you may have noticed that I did some tweaking in the design aspect. It wouldn't have looked just the way I want it without some awesome designers and their free stuff:

The header comes from Leelou Blogs. I have spent a fair share of time searching for blog freebies on the internet, and I must say I like hers the best. 

The social icon buttons you see on the right are from Carrie loves. Cute, aren't they?

Have a blessed day!