Monday, January 28, 2013

When not everyone is ok with what is going on

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This weekend I went to a college graduation party, and I must say I thought it was one of the oddest events I ever attended. It started at 11pm (!) and included a dinner (?). There were families there, with proud dads, smiling grandparents and some children. People were dressed to the tee, and women looked like a million dollars.

Until a certain time. Sometime around 2am, things began to go south. The open bar policy became more evident with every graduate stumbling, women taking off their shoes and letting their hairs down in a mess, which apparently is supposed to be sexy.

With every drunken girl, promiscuous couple and low cut cleavage, all I could think of was there are parents and grandparents in this place. How is everyone ok with this?

And then I realized, not everyone is ok with that. God was certainly not ok with that.

So after my initial wow, she's a train wreck thoughts, I changed my perspective. I engaged in prayer. 

I prayed those young women would know the value they have in the sight of God.
I prayed those young men would learn to respect and not take advantage of needy girls.
I prayed these kids would mature and learn the joys of living a Godly life out weight getting drunk.
I prayed these parents would see this scenario and actually take steps to help their sons and daughters, their babies to know better.
I prayed my future children are sheltered from this influence.
And I prayed God would continue to prompt me to see things through His eyes and feel His pain. 

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Wordy Lady said...

Blimey, that sounds like a mighty uncomfortable experience... It's at times like that I just feel old and nerdy (and flipping grateful I went to Uni elsewhere!).