Thursday, January 17, 2013

A wholehearted year: replacing

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I've been talking about a wholehearted year. If you missed out, start here.

"You shall not have other gods before me"
Exodus 20:3

 I believe in the living God. I don't bow down to statues. I have turned my life over to Jesus. So clearly, I have no other gods, right? Wrong.

It took me years to understand this statement. And it still blows me away how subtle idols can be in my life. I read two books that helped me diagnose and replace my idols, this one and this one. And there are two things I learned from them:

1- Anything that you look for to satisfy a craving in which only God can satisfy is an idol in your life.

2- You cannot just put an idol down. You need to replace it by something else. And the one thing that can fulfill you is God. 

So I know it is ok for me to have a big bowl of ice-cream. Just not ok for me to have it because I am upset with my job. It isn't wrong for me to want a nice house. But it certainly isn't right to think that a nice house will bring me happiness. Whether it is food, things, career or people, nothing is bad in itself. They become unhealthy when they take center stage on my pedestal and dim the light that should shine on Jesus. Light which should shine on Him wholeheartedly.