Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A wholehearted year: offering hospitality

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I've been talking about a wholehearted year. If you missed out, start here.

Yet another aspect of my life in which the Lord has asked me to sink in with all my heart is offering hospitality. This is such a foreign concept to me because, although I am a big homey person, I tend to want my house to myself. 

Slowly I have been learning that this is not a want to sort of deal, but a have to sort of deal for Christians. And with a little help from a lovely blogger, I even ended up understanding I had a huge misconception about what hospitality is in the first place.

I was in good company when I figured out that my main problem was always having the same excuse: the lack of room to entertain. As if friends and strangers cared about the square footage of my humble abode. 

So this weekend we did something radical. After coming home from church, at around 9pm we started moving furniture around. We got rid of excess and opened up some space, dreaming of a cozy backyard. The result? A huge living room (ok, maybe not that huge) that just happened to be cluttered with stuff. Now it is ready to get cluttered with souls. And we intend on putting it to good use as soon as we can!