Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursdays: my do-over days

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I love Thursdays, they are my do-over days. Today I left the house a mess. Didn’t make the bed. A pile of dishes in the sink. A ton of laundry to be ironed. Messy rooms and dusty surfaces. Yet, when I get home, everything will be perfectly neat and tidy. The dishes and ironing will be done. Even my floors will be sparkling. Through the miracle that is called a cleaning lady.

In Brazil its common to have someone help you out at least one day a week. Honestly, one day a week is all I can afford. But its sooo worth it. I am all about cleaning, I find it highly therapeutic and enjoy the satisfaction of getting the house ‘done’. However, with a full time job, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming to keep up. That is why Thursdays are my do-over days. No matter how messy I leave my house, I know I’ll come back to a clean one. And as our friend Martha would say, that is a good thing.
My good friend Karol and I proving we can keep a house sparkling clean!