Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Easter lunch for those who don’t like fish

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In Brazil, we have a tradition of eating cod fish for Easter. It’s an elaborate meal that takes a couple of days of preparation, and in my opinion there is only one word to describe it: fishy.

When I was a kid, on a specific Easter Sunday we were at my dad’s cousin’s house and the kids were polled as to who would like hot-dogs. As I was the oldest, and saw myself as the wisest, I proceeded to claim I had no problem with cod fish.

I braved through lunch taking small bites, and proceeding to spit them into paper napkins that littered around my plate, all the way thinking none of the grown-ups could see through me (sorry, gross, I know, but I was  a child!).

I am so happy I am a vegetarian now, and don’t have to brave or offend anyone over eating fish. I actually know some people who dislike cod, but eat it on Easter Sunday because they feel they have to. Why?

In case you attend an Easter lunch that serves fish and you are not too keen on the idea, I suggest you take a hearty side dish to make it through, like a quiche, risotto or substantial salad.