Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How clean are your hands?

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I used to think I was a pretty hygienic person with clean clothes, home and body parts. Until we had a nurse visit our school and teach kids about Florence Nightingale. All was going well, until she said she would now teach us how to wash our hands, and I thought pfff…

And then, I was shocked. For her, simple, regular hand washing consisted of six steps. I had three, max. considering I work with kids and usually am up to my elbow in play dough and snot, I figured I’d better listen and start spending more time at the sink.

When it comes to choosing soap, anti-bacterial soaps are better than the ones with doubtful quality but good smell. If many people will use it, the liquid kind is preferable, but also make sure you was the tip of it sporadically.

And for clear germ-free hands always, make sure you keep your nails trimmed, since all sort of yucky bacteria can be infesting your pretty manicured long nails.