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My name is Julie, I was born and raised in Brazil, but will forever be a Georgia peach at heart. I had the most amazing experience living in Savannah for six years, where I went to college at SCAD. I was also blessed to live in the greater Atlanta area for another two years, which is where and when I met Christ.

Through my brother and sister-in-law I discovered a Christian life in a way I never imagined possible. Jesus and the Holy Spirit came crashing this little life of mine. I was introduced to a musical genre I could worship to. The Bible went from being a book of rules to a proof of love. I discovered holy friendships. I found a school to serve and a church to call home.

I was sure I would live in Georgia for the rest of my life. However, I came back to Brazil in obedience to God, which was one of the hardest things I have ever done. The price was a small one to pay, though, because I was rewarded with the love of my life, to whom I am happily married today. To top it all off, God's promises of turning him into a God loving Christian came true, and today we have Jesus in the center of our household.

Photo credit: Sharon Eve Smith

I started a blog in Portuguese, but as I think in English, and relate to much of what’s out there in English, decided to have a second version. That’s how Little Gosh was born. Initially, it was all about house chores/ cooking/ crafts and all sorts of mundane stuff that makes girls all girly and giddy.

Slowly, God started prompting me to focus more on Him. At first, I figured it meant I had to back down and stopping blogging so much. This was a distraction and I had to set my priorities straight. Until I was singing along to Third Day and realised I had it all wrong. I could tell you what I mean, but the boys sing it so much better than I could describe:

(ignore the Portuguese captions. This was the best version I could find)

 At first a Christian blog sounded ludicrous to me. Who was I to blog about this? But God continued to ask me to trust Him and allow Him to shine through, to ignore how limited I was and to focus on how perfect He is. And that is how Little Gosh became what it is.

The name of the blog is one of the nicknames my husband has for me. When we first started dating, the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition had just come out, and often people would go into their brand new house and start screaming 'Oh my gosh'. Andre started calling goshinha which means little gosh in Portuguese, always with a facial expression or tone of voice that resembled those women about to have a heart attack in front of Ty Pennington.