Monday, April 30, 2012

Meat Free Mondays: Omelets

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I have always loved eggs: boiled, scrambled, fried, deviled, hot, cold.... Since becoming a vegetarian, I learned to cherish them all the more!

I asked my nutricionist what is the frequency I can have them (I could have them every day if it was up to me!) and she told me that as long as I have organic eggs, three to four times a week would be ok.

I actually don't tend to eat them for breakfast, but I love an omelet for dinner. Add some mushrooms, zuchini or even some collard greens, yum! What is your favorite way of eating eggs?

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday

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Happy Friday! In Brazil, we are extremelly happy, because since we have a holiday on Tuesday (Labor Day), we get a four-day weekend!

Today we are joining The Gypsy Mama for her Five Minute Friday. Here is what she has to say about it:

Around here we write for five minutes flat on Fridays.
We write because we love words and the relief it is to just write them without worrying if they’re just right or not. So we take five minutes on Friday and write like we used to run when we were kids.
On Fridays we write with gusto, unselfconscious and flat out.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
2. Link back here ( and @
Gypsy Mama) and invite others to join in.
3. Please visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments.
OK, are you ready? Give me your best five minutes on: Community

Today I have five men to thank. Their names are Claudivan, Fabricio, Anderson, Antonio and Regis. I know nothing about their lives, history or personality. All I know is that they are construction workers.

Coming to work, I got stuck in the dirt road that was more of a muddy sea. When I realised my path was a bad idea, I was too into it and panicked. Then, all of a sudden, I couldn't go backwards or forwards. My wheels just kept spinning to no use.

I saw the worst situation in the world, and the scariest thing I ever been to. I was stuck, in the mud, in the rain, in a curve where they are building a bridge. If I went backwards, I'd have to do it carefully stearing so I wouldn't drop in the river, because there wasn't any protection between the road and the water beneath. Going forward was not an option because there was no road.

Five minutes of tears, Oh My Gods and complete despair later, I had these five men coming to help me. None of them asked me for anything in return. None of them complained of the rain. None of them told me how stupid I was. They just told me to calm down and directed me in what I had to do.

I am sorry to say I cannot remember when it's the last time I did something so selfless for a stranger. But today I learned that community goes beyond those you know and care for: it's about those God puts in your path.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Delightful Inspired Thursday DIY project!

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I've had a DYI project practically finish hanging around my craft room for a while now, and what better time than today to post it? Welcome to a Delightful Order-inspired link party!

This project was inspired by Jen, over at iheartorganizing, and I must say, I heart her blog! Here is what Jen did:

You can read all about her Coat hanger project here.

I was trully inspired and mentioned it to my mum, who gave me the most gorgeous knob as a birthday stocking stuffer (is there such a thing? There is when my mum is in charge of buying gifts!). It's from a Brazilian store called Le Lis Blanc:

I kept my eyes open and was so thrilled when I found these laying around Lei Arte:

Next step was dragging my hubby to the local hardware store for a simple hanger and some paint. This is what I walked away with, for a mere R$16 (US$ 8):

The first thing I did was to get rid of the ugly knobs and sand the whole thing. Then, a coat of blue, which was a bit 'bluer' than I expected:

After another coat, I then went over it with an icy white:

Next step was sanding the white to get the blue to show. It was harder than I thought, and I ended up using a sponge soaked in turpentine to get the look I wanted:

Finally, the hooks went on. I actually had four, so was missing one. To my surprise, my mom remembered my project and brought me two from Anthropologie. I think they are the greatest!

Have you been working on any projects lately? Make sure to share them here and also at Delightful Order!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday on Oh My Gosh!

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It's our first edition of Ticke Me Tuesdays here on Oh My Gosh! Here are Sarah's rules:

1. Write a short post with anywhere from one to five items that have been tickling your fancy recently. Please include pictures and links :)
2. Make sure to link back to the party in your blog post (you can grab the button or include a text link)
3. Go back to  Yes Teacher Crafts and come back here and link up your blog post!
4. Visit some other links and HAVE FUN!

Here are my items:

Papel Craft and Farm's diaries

Anything hand made by the talented Abbi Meadows

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week long link party goodness!

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Although I am not a blogging queen, I couldn’t help but feeling a bit jealous of all these bloggers who got to go to Salt Lake City this weekend. One, because Utah is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I’m not even joking. Check out this sunset:

Two, because this weekend was Snap. A blogging conference? How fun does that sound?

So, since I couldn’t make it (and am sure I would feel sooo overwhelmed and out of place surrounded by those blogging goddesses), I decided to have an interactive, link-party-filled week.

If you have no idea of what a link party is, you probably don’t read that many blogs, but that’s ok. A link party is basically a themed day in which people link their own blogs to others, getting people to check out what they have been up to!

There are literally tons of link parties out there, so I had a hard time picking the ones I really wanted. Here is this week’s schedule for Oh My Gosh! Hope you like it!

Yes teacher crafs is super-cute, and has the easiest (and one of the prettiest) link parties out there! Check it out tomorrow!


The cutting edge of ordinary has a beautiful link party: Wordless Wednesdays. Which means I'll have to shut up for one day!


Delightful Order has an extensive Thursday link party on anything you do, from cooking to crafting!


The Gypsy Mama writes for 5 minutes, no editing. Sounds fun! 

Next Monday:
Midnight Maniac has a Meatless Monday link Party. Yes, please! But since today IS Monday, I'll be linking on NEXT week!
Come back every day to check our linking party posts, and remember to link your blog in the comments section in case you decide to join in the fun!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day Pledge

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Earth day is this Sunday, and I suggest if you do one thing for it is to go over to Earth Day’s website and pledge to do something. The pledges can be quite simple, there are some ideas there already, or you can choose to make your own.

I pledge to buy more local produce, to avoid shipping fuel to be needed just so I can get myself some fancy fruit! What is your pledge?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Disney's Vinylmations!

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Whoever has been to Disney in the past knows about their pin fever. Pins literally everywhere, which made everyonelook like T.G.I.Friday’s waiters in my opinion.

Thankfully, they realized not everyone is crazy about pins and let loose on a new fever: Vinylmations.

You can get a 3 inch or 9 inch vinyl toy in shape of a Mickey but with a specific design. Much like the Cow Parade movement that won the hearts of everyone around the world, these little Mickeys are just adorable.

If you plan on traveling to the Most Magical Place on Earth sometime soon, I suggest you take some extra pocket-money to get yourself some of these. Just fair warning: they are addictive, as my living room shelf can prove:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Currently loving it!

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It’s been a while since I last posted some links that I enjoyed, so I figured I should share some of my current blogging favorites with y’all! And thanks to Bloglovin, I have a one-stop shop when it comes to reading them.

I actually met Cami at SCAD, so I don’t feel so stalker-ish about reading her blog. She has awesome vegan, gluten free and all around healthy recipes in her blog como.come.cami always written both in English and Spanish, for all food lover’s delight!


I am so excited that Amanda got herself a new house. No, I’m not her friend, and actually she doesn’t even know I exist, so technically that probably means I am a stalker. Well, if loving Our Humble A(Bowe)d is wrong, I don’t want to be right….and the fact that she got a new house means we’ll get to see all sort of fun projects again- at last I hope so!


It’s a tough choice, but lately I’ve been able to relate to Giving Up On Perfect. Yesterday’s post on McDonald’s was actually the reason I wanted to share my current blog love with you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How clean are your hands?

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I used to think I was a pretty hygienic person with clean clothes, home and body parts. Until we had a nurse visit our school and teach kids about Florence Nightingale. All was going well, until she said she would now teach us how to wash our hands, and I thought pfff…

And then, I was shocked. For her, simple, regular hand washing consisted of six steps. I had three, max. considering I work with kids and usually am up to my elbow in play dough and snot, I figured I’d better listen and start spending more time at the sink.

When it comes to choosing soap, anti-bacterial soaps are better than the ones with doubtful quality but good smell. If many people will use it, the liquid kind is preferable, but also make sure you was the tip of it sporadically.

And for clear germ-free hands always, make sure you keep your nails trimmed, since all sort of yucky bacteria can be infesting your pretty manicured long nails.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Meat-Free Mondays

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You’ve heard me talk about being a vegetarian, and today I’d like to share with you a really cool idea started by none other than PaulMcCartney.

Meet Meat-Free Mondays. It can change your life.
It’s a very simple concept: one day a week, you give up your treasured meat. I know so many people who give up sugar, chocolate, sodas, fried food and such several days a week, but get quite defensive about giving up meat one day a week. Just hear me out:
You will not get sick or weak. There are plenty of protein replacements such as beans, nuts and vegetables. Yes, it’s bad to cut meat and live off of grilled cheese only. But if you eat properly, other ingredients in your diet will balance out the meat you cut off. And since this is for one day a week, you’ll be able to go back to your Chicken Alfredo Pasta tomorrow. If the concept of all things meat-y is too big for you to cut right now, remember that eggs can make a delicious hearty meal.
You will save money. Although organic produce tends to be a bit pricey, meat products are still more expensive. Cutting meat one day a week means cutting down 1/7 of your meat intake. Spoil yourself by using that money for something you really want.
You will help the planet. We are all about not wasting energy and recycling, but mankind’s meat eating habit is not exactly eco-friendly. Cows need green pasture, lots of water and produce tons of CO2, aka what is killing the ozone layer. So if everyone were to avoid meat once a day, that would be a big help.
You will discover new yummy things. Who knew I loved pearl barley or curry tofu? Not me, because I was too busy stuffing my face with hot-dogs and ramen noodles. Cutting meat for one day a week will guarantee you a chance to become more creative in your cooking or restaurant searching.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Laundry day!

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No matter what we do in life, if we go into it with a good mood and a bit of organization, we come out having a better experience. Laundry is no exception to it.

I actually have a secret to confess: I love laundry. No, I don’t love loading the washer, and I don’t love spot-cleaning or ironing, but I love the feeling of clean clothes and I love having an organized, pretty and under-control laundry room.

Most books and blogs I’ve read, and most people I’ve talked to are purists. Most say you must set a routine and stick to it. Some say you need to make several piles according to color, fabric, water temperature and such. I, however, live in the real world and can’t be bothered.

I’ve tried all sorts of arrangements, and got to the point in which what works best for me is running one load through the washer and then dryer as soon as I get home from work, which means my clothes are done by the time we go to bed. Somehow, we always seem to have enough to run one load, even though it’s just my husband and I.

At loading time, I basically have six different types, which are: towels, linen, jeans, whites and light clothing, colorful and darks. I have, however, loaded some socks with linens and bright red tshirts with darks before. I usually check how much of each I have, so I can figure out what and how to load my machine. This is where having a clutter-free, organized laundry room helps: if you need to go through everything, it’s just that much tiring.

There are also two pieces of printed information useful to have in hand: a guide of label care and your machine’s user manual (mine tends to beep 4E when the water is shut off, which I would have no way of realizing unless I had the manual).  

Thursday, April 12, 2012


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I would like to introduce a product that most people seem not to know about, but its quite yummy and useful: agave syrup.
Agave is the plant tequila is made. The syrup, however, has nothing to do with the alcohol in question. Agave syrup is similar to honey, but in my opinion, better. First of all, it’s a bit sweeter, but if feels differently. Secondly, because its glycemic index is better, meaning it helps you keep your body balanced and avoids a crash of hunger later one. Thirdly, because it’s better than artificial sweeteners. And lastly, because it is a vegan product, which means no animals are involved. We all watched Bee Movie and felt a tad of pain towards the slave-driven bees. Ok, maybe  not so much, but still!

If you can get your hands on some Agave (sold in regular grocery stores), I recommend you give it a try when you are cooking. I stopped buying honey since I found out about it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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I am more and more becoming addicted to all things-social-media-related. I have loved amazon for quite a while, and since I got my kindle, I have spent countless hours browsing.

I had seen shelfari on some people’s blog and thought that was it: a pretty little shelf that shows the stuff you enjoy to read. Oh, but it is so much more!

It allows you to set a reading goal, whether it is for the entire year or for the current month. As you update your reading info, it lets you know if you are on pace, ahead, or slacking, which is a great reminder for us to slow down and go back to basics.

It allows you to browse books and their reviews, as well as to write your own. I think its great that there are people who get paid to critique books, but sometimes I’ve gotten all excited about a new Oprah’s Book Club choice, only to see it was simply beyond my patience (such as The Corrections- sorry Oprah, I just couldn’t get into it!). So I like reviews by us, normal folk.

It also enables you to take part in communities, and there are all sort of book clubs and groups based on your preferred genre, which is really cool.

All of that, linked to your amazon account. My only complaint about Shelfari is that I don’t have nearly enough time to spend on it as I wish I had!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Carbon footprint

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As I mentioned lastweek, I’d like to talk more with you about the environment. In my opinion, there is no better way to start than discussing our carbon footprint, so we literally can see where we stand.

For those living under a rock in these eco-friendly times, your carbon footprint is basically a number crunch of how much impact you have on the world. It encompasses your eating, spending, household and transportation habits, and it is a great way to know just how much that big car or that compulsive shopping affects the planet.

I searched online, and there are tons of free carbon footprint calculators. My favorite, however, is WWF’s. I found it the most user-friendly and easy to go through. Plus, it gives you personalized hints to lower your footprint, as well as a ton of other resources. You can find it here.

Monday, April 9, 2012

One year later

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Last year I bought ‘The Kind Diet’ while it was still on pre-sale and waited eagerly for it to be shipped to Brazil. I arrived on Friday before Easter, and I literally read it in one seating.

I had already decided to cut red meat due to anxiety, poor sleeping patterns and ever increasing reading material relating red meat to cancer. I had heard Alicia Silverstone tell Oprah that her plant based diet allowed her to have regular bowl movements, and as that was –ahem- something I never experienced, I figured I should give it a try.

I actually found myself in tears in the middle of the book. Reading about the food industry, I thought of how the planet would be a happier and safer place if human beings weren’t around. I vowed to become a vegetarian right off the bat, and I did.

I won’t say I will never eat meat again. I can, however, say that I don’t crave it a single bit. And let me tell, you, I was a big meat-eater. Anyone who has been to a Brazilian churrasco joint knows we like our meat. I was a worshipper of chicken, and could eat it any way served. McDonald’s was for me the ultimate self-indulging treat.

Here are five things I learned during this year as a veggie, but which I believe are staples of human beings in general:

1-      The first two weeks are the hardest. Like anything in life: diet, a new workout routine, or waking up early when school starts, getting into the new routine is the hardest. After a while, we get used to it.

2-     We are eager for the approval of others. Whether it is about cutting meat and dairy,  investing in being a stay at home mum or choosing not to watch crap TV (in Brazil, soap operas and Big Brother are the highest rating shows – enough said), we tend to want to fit in.

3-     We believe the lies we are told because we need to feel safe. Driving through a flood is ok. Microwaves and transgenic food are safe. Meat and dairy are good for you. We know these are not the case, but in the end of the day, we are going to do what we want to do, so having an excuse to start with empowers us.

4-     We judge what we don’t understand. That couple barely talks to each other, so they must not love each other. She wants to be a stay at home mom because it’s easier than working 9 to 5. Vegetarians are dirty tree-hugging hippies. Until you’ve tried it, you cannot possibly have a sensible judgment.

5-     Nothing is forever. Whether you think you’ll never get married, will always be young and hip or never give up meat.  Maybe there is no way you can imagine yourself in a situation at this point in your life. You may be a completely different person ten years from now.

Although I am not trying to convince anyone, I just have to share. According to Choose Veg in one year on a plant-based diet I spared 50 animals' lives. That just feels good.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Garden

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I don’t have kids, so the Easter egg hunt we did at School will be my only one. I am not much of a cook, so I won’t even pretend to have amazing table settings and banquets. I am on a diet, so I’ll pass on the chocolate eggs. I don’t believe in adopting animals for the sake of a holiday, so no bunnies for me. Which leaves me with little in the ‘tradition’ aspect of Easter.

In a way, I think that is a good thing. I’ve been working towards my relationship with Jesus, and I think it’s important to take off all the layers of semi-important things to get down to the core. I know people who are not Christians, but celebrate Easter and Christmas, and I can’t help but think why? It’s not like I go around celebrating Hanukah and Diwali just for the sake of it.
Anyway, I did think about one tradition I could keep, which I find quite sweet. I had never heard of Easter Gardens, and I found them gorgeous. As I only discovered them too late in the game, I went out and got myself a simple pot with some simple herb seeds. It will be my first go in a long time on gardening- I’ve proven myself as a failure before.

All pictures from A Holy Experience, which is a fantastic and inspiring Christian blog!

Happy Easter to all. Christians and non-Christians alike!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursdays: my do-over days

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I love Thursdays, they are my do-over days. Today I left the house a mess. Didn’t make the bed. A pile of dishes in the sink. A ton of laundry to be ironed. Messy rooms and dusty surfaces. Yet, when I get home, everything will be perfectly neat and tidy. The dishes and ironing will be done. Even my floors will be sparkling. Through the miracle that is called a cleaning lady.

In Brazil its common to have someone help you out at least one day a week. Honestly, one day a week is all I can afford. But its sooo worth it. I am all about cleaning, I find it highly therapeutic and enjoy the satisfaction of getting the house ‘done’. However, with a full time job, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming to keep up. That is why Thursdays are my do-over days. No matter how messy I leave my house, I know I’ll come back to a clean one. And as our friend Martha would say, that is a good thing.
My good friend Karol and I proving we can keep a house sparkling clean!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Easter lunch for those who don’t like fish

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In Brazil, we have a tradition of eating cod fish for Easter. It’s an elaborate meal that takes a couple of days of preparation, and in my opinion there is only one word to describe it: fishy.

When I was a kid, on a specific Easter Sunday we were at my dad’s cousin’s house and the kids were polled as to who would like hot-dogs. As I was the oldest, and saw myself as the wisest, I proceeded to claim I had no problem with cod fish.

I braved through lunch taking small bites, and proceeding to spit them into paper napkins that littered around my plate, all the way thinking none of the grown-ups could see through me (sorry, gross, I know, but I was  a child!).

I am so happy I am a vegetarian now, and don’t have to brave or offend anyone over eating fish. I actually know some people who dislike cod, but eat it on Easter Sunday because they feel they have to. Why?

In case you attend an Easter lunch that serves fish and you are not too keen on the idea, I suggest you take a hearty side dish to make it through, like a quiche, risotto or substantial salad.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New look for April

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April is a lovely month in my book. There is Easter, it’s Fall in Brazil, which is my favorite season, there is my brother’s birthday and there is Earth day. I used to think Earth day was a lame excuse for teaching kids at school how to turn the tap off while brushing their teeth and such. But as I grow older and –ahem-wiser, as I start thinking about having kids, and what kind of legacy I am leaving them, I can’t help but think about all these eco-friendly issues that we tend to overlook.

So here at Oh My Gosh! We’ll have an Earth MONTH! I’ll keep up with our regular posts, but we’ll have some special what-can-we-do-to-save-the-rainforest type of posts. I’ll make them fun, I promise!

In the meantime, I leave you with some links for more info on eco-friendly awesomeness:

Monday, April 2, 2012

Learning to ask for help

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In January I started a new job, at a new school. It was kind of exciting because I really liked the methodology, the curriculum and the age group, and kind of intimidating because I would have a new job description, students younger than I ever worked with, and staff to handle. All in all, I figured it would be a busy year with a steep learning curve for me.

Things started out a bit wobbly, and I ended up being the only employee for almost a month. As we got children enrolled, we started hiring staff, one at a time. We now have a teacher, two assistants and a secretary, all whose jobs were being done by me a couple of months ago.

As I see our growth and understand the growing pains that comes with it, I kept thinking this was the time to be selfless and go above and beyond. Come to think of it, that’s how I’ve always been.

Until I realized my selfless-ness on the job meant selfishness at home, in my marriage and with my family. I seldom had time for them, and when I did, chances was I was too tired or unfocused. I cannot tell you how many dinners I had with my husband in which the topic of conversation was my job.

So I breathed in, found some courage, and asked for help. I figured my boss would say there was no way she could help me, I knew what I had gotten into, and secretly think I am useless, and how long does she still need to put up with me.

Boy, was I wrong. She was nothing but helpful. She helped figure out a way to have a whole half of my working day in the office, to get stuff done. We talked about staffing needs and she got the ball rolling on that. And I saw that my need to prove myself as a ‘do-it-all’ was unfounded.

I only wish I had figured it out sooner. I had the perception that working in a school was like that, and that is why teachers have more vacation than anyone, to recover. Now I realize I made myself work to the ground so many times because I was too afraid to ask help from my assistant, or too proud to tell my boss I was drowning.