Thursday, September 12, 2013

Couple's devotional

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Last year my husband and I went on a newlywed couples retreat. It was two and a half days of spending time in a gorgeous house, with yummy food, lovely company and some amazing outbreaks in our marriage. We discovered more about how similar our dreams were and how God's direction for both was confirmed in those two days than we had in the first two years of our marriage.

To enhance the experience we were asked to read this devotional. We started strong, but after we got back routine got the best of us, and it took us a little over eight months to complete it. But once we did, we were pumped to continue and strengthen our quality time as a couple, so we began considering a new devotional. 

Some weeks later our pastor mentioned this Bible Study guide. We looked into it and liked what we saw. It is a three year Bible study, which sounded like 'Bible Study for slackers' to me. But then I realized that the point wasn't completing it in one year. The point was savoring your Bible study. Spending time together, talking, praying, learning. And considering the reality of how busy our days are, and how we will be adding a baby to the mix within two months, we jumped on it.

In a whole week we have completed five days. Not ideal, I know. But we began slowly so we can truly enjoy it and do it when we have the proper time, energy and disposition towards it. And it has been lovely. Just lovely.

We share our thoughts and we connect through scripture. We discuss points of view and enjoy hearing what touched each of our hearts. And we grow closer to each other as we grow closer to God.