Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend links

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Weekend plans include writing some for the 31 day challenge (as much as I'd love to devote daily time for that, I have a feeling the hectic schedule I'm currently on won't allow) and enjoying the hubby. Here are some links I recommend this week:

Lindsay, over at Just a Girl wrote on being awake. For someone who's been slowly giving up childhood dreams in order to let God give me new ones, this one struck a cord with me!

I found Ami's blog through craftgawker. The thought of Minnie Mouse crochet ears sounded way too adorable to pass. Am I right or am I right?

I'm not a big fan of vlogs (am I the only one who thinks that name is just weird?). However, I just found Amy Carroll's blog and was quite touched with what she had to say.

Design Sponge (love, love, love them!) posted about watercolor tea towels. I am making some, don't care if they get spoiled or not. Anyone with hints as to how to make the paint stay through the wash, please help a girl out!

DogFur and Dandelions talked about prophets, hearing God and living a holy life, in such a great post.

And for all of you who like free stuff, there is a book that seems to be awesome on Amazon. For free. This week only. Check it out. (and thank you Seth Barnes and Amazon!)

Have a blessed weekend everyone! And remember, Monday welcomes October and our 31 days challenge!