Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend links

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I love how (unexpectedly) I got back into blogging this week. Maybe it was the fact that I have been reading Grace for the Good Girl and learning I don't have to do it all. Maybe it was the fact that my husband did not monopolise the computer during evenings. Maybe it was the coming back after a refreshing break from the no-expectation blogging.

Not only did I write, I've also been reading again in the blogging world. Here are some of this week's favorites for me:

Lisa-Jo Baker, as always, wrote beautifully about seeing grace everywhere.

C.R.A.F.T. posted 21 neat pumpkin ideas. Although I think it's entirely too early to be thinking about Halloween, I'm a slacker, and seeing inspiration now means I might just be able to pull one of these off.

Design Sponge shared a tutorial for a Sunkissed ombre stripped pillow. Gorgeous!

And if you didn't check it out yet, Natalia shared the most gorgeous wedding ever- ha!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I intend on spending most of it in bed, reading and relaxing. If there is any space left for me, that is!