Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grateful Thursday

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On Saturday we celebrated my husband's 32nd birthday and our six year anniversary. For all those people who swear up and down that college makes the best years of your life, I beg to differ. To celebrate, I have 32 very special reasons why I am incredibly grateful for my husband, in no particular order:
♥ Your walk with God ♥ Your humble heart ♥ How much you love and care for stray dogs ♥ The way you respect your mamma ♥ How you are always willing to say 'sorry' first ♥ Your love for Palmeiras and Green Bay Packers ♥ How your eyes light up when we talk about future kids ♥ The amount of attention to detail you put into your job ♥ All the nicknames you make up for me ♥ Your love for Walt Disney World ♥ How you keep me warm at night by tangling your feet with mine ♥ Knowing you are so supportive of me being a vegetarian ♥ How cute you look when you are saying your prayers ♥ The fact that you make me a better person ♥ Ever noticed how no one hates you? That means you are pretty cool ♥ Thank you for never complaining about my lousy cooking ♥ How you help me around the house ♥ Your laughter ♥ How needy you get on Mondays because we spent the weekend together ♥ Thanks for being a better husband that I could have asked for  ♥ I love the fact I can wear pjs and slippers and still feel sexy around you ♥  Our plans for the future sound pretty awesome, by the way ♥ I love it when you tell me like it is ♥ You make the best pão na chapa and the most amazing cup of tea a girl could ask for ♥ Thanks for always honoring me, whether I am right there or not ♥ I love how your beard turns copper when you let it grow ♥ Thanks for always letting the dogs sleep with me before you come to bed ♥ You are an awesome brother-in-law to my brother and son-in-law to may parents. Thanks for that. ♥ Always a cheerleader for every one's dreams ♥ I love it how you look at me while asking my opinion, secretly hoping I agree with what you think ♥ You made it clear that divorce was never an option, and I can't tell you how much I love you for that ♥ Know your boy's nights out? I secretly love them because I get some alone time ♥