Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend links

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Today is hubby's bday, so I am all excited about the fact he gets the spotlight for a whole day. He loves, loves, loves birthday celebrations and would probably have a huge party every year if we could afford it. But you know what? He is awesome and totally deserves it.

Here are some light weekend reading. Enjoy!

Emily Freeman is encouraging people to write a letter to themselves, aged 16, and some awesome stuff is coming out of it. I need time to sit and read through them all. If you haven't yet, feel free to start by reading mine.

Lysa TerKeurst is once again reading my thoughts by writing about how much she talks. Let the non-yabber girl throw the first stone.

This week I found Pete Wilson's blog. I already loved him for writing Empty Promises. After watching this video, I can see his wife is just as awesome as I would have expected. Plus, I now vow to never wear a shower cap in front of my husband anymore.

And last, but not least, I feel that this week was a themed one. On Sunday I had to choose a brand new Scripture to write on my craft room board and I choose Ephesians 3:16-19. Yesterday I had to write on wide, which brought that to mind. And in the evening, I checked John Piper's blog to find this little gem. Don't you just love when things fit in?

Have a blessed weekend everyone!