Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Peek Inside My Journal

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For a while now I've had a secret friend on the blogging world. She is so secret, she doesn't even know I exist! But the truth is, every time I hop onto Blessed to Be a Blessing, I feel I am reading words from a long lost friend.

Alesha is the sweetest. I could totally see her in my church, as a buddy in my Sunday Bible Study class or as a volunteer in the children's ministry by my side. The stuff she writes makes my heart connect to her in a way that just shows me how much the internet can be used for good and can connect sisters in Christ.

Out of all her posts, my favorites are definetely Tuesdays. Tuesdays are PIMJ days, as in Peek inside my journal days. How brave is that? Well, I figured, if she is able to open her heart like that, I could do the same, and hopefully bless someone else in the meantime.

A couple of weeks ago our Pastor, Paulo Andrade gave us an assignment. He casually mentioned it would be lovely to write our own Psalms, so we could read them after a couple of years and see how much God did for us. Being the good pupil I am, I promptly wrote in all caps in my notepad WRITE PSALMS. A couple of days later, I really did feel like David crying out to God, and wrote my first one.

It was actually too personal for the web, so it's between God and I. But I've been working on them, and this one I'll share:

You alone knows all I need
And how to comfort my heart
When it demands too much
And expects things too fast

As I am about to lose hope
As I am about to give up
Only You, Oh Lord
Steps in and rescues me

You teach me to be still
And to live steady as it goes
Teaching me to trust You
A little more each day

All I ask is that You remain
My most precious treasure
Removing all that keeps me from You
And bringing in only what shall add to Your Glory

Have a blessed day, everyone!